Mike Rowe to narrate Chipotle-backed ‘Farmers for America’

· October 4, 2017

Mike Rowe announced on social media today that he will be narrating a documentary promising to celebrate and support young farmers — “Farmers for America.

What is likely going to be a bit jarring for some in production agriculture is that the film’s production partners include Chipotle and Clif Bar. Rowe has long been a champion of farmers, supports the FFA, and is pro-GMO, which runs counter to what one would expect with companies such as Chipotle on board. So what does that mean for the tone of the film? The trailer should provide some insights.

“Farmers for America” says that it aims to show the changes in America’s food system as more and more consumers flock to farmers’ markets, embrace farm-to-table lifestyles, and insist on knowing where their food is coming from. With the average age of today’s farmer at 60, and the increasing cost of land and equipment, the film focuses on the people waiting to take their place, the practices they’re championing, and the obstacles they must overcome.

Filmmaker Graham Meriwether previously directed “American Meat” in 2013, which took a look at chicken, hog, and cattle production in America, and also included comments from the chairman of Chipotle.

Have a look at the trailer and let us know what you think.

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