Military veterans make successful transitions to careers in ag

· December 15, 2021

Military veterans are an excellent fit for agriculture, and the number of programs to help them transition to ag careers is growing. Organizations like Farmer Veteran Coalition provide resources for military veterans who are looking to find a sense of community and a meaningful career opportunity.

For example, Marvin Frink, U.S. Army Veteran said,”Agri-therapy to me is being outside in the wind, realizing that I am still alive, realizing that I have a sense of purpose, feeling the sun, the rain, all of the elements again, you know.” 

Veteran farmer and AGDAILY contributor Brianna Scott said it best when she said, “Being in the military makes you acquire characteristics like adaptability and flexibility. As farmers, these are also important skills. As one would imagine, not every growing season goes according to plan. Sometimes there’s a drought. Sometimes there’s an animal attack. Sometimes some disease takes over a crop, and there’s not a single thing the farmer can do about it. There’s no one who can adjust to the chaos better than the Airman, Marine, Sailor, Soldier, or Coast Guardsman who has had to adapt to Uncle Sam with a spectacular military bearing and little-to-no emotions … at least not on their face.”

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