Minnesota farmer on brink of losing livelihood in immigration battle

· March 29, 2019

In western Minnesota, one dairy farmer is dealing with more than just low prices. The Mulder family moved from Holland 18 years ago to the land of opportunity. After years of living in America and running their own dairy farm, the dream could be coming to an end due to the immigration battle. 

The dad, Kor Mulder, had an EB-5 Investor Visa and traveled to America to raise his family on the farm. Now, he faces losing everything he has worked towards for 18 years. With little options left, Kor will have to liquidate the farm and move back to Holland with his boys. 

Mulder’s neighbors feel hopeless. “This is people who have come and earned their place here as far as I’m concerned,” neighbor and friend, Chris Anderson said. One friend started a petition on change.org to show their support for their friends. For more information, check out their local news report.

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