It's a Family Tradition

With each new generation, another rancher is born. The Simpson family from Dent County has been ranching since 1952. Learn more about their story at

Posted by Missouri Beef Council on Monday, October 29, 2018

Missouri cattle farmer takes pride in family cattle operation

· November 2, 2018

Owner, Bobby Simpson takes great pride in his cattle operation. The Simpson family, featured on Missouri Beef Council, is in their fifth  generation on the farm, so they know a thing or two about the cattle business. 

They work the cattle as low stress as possible. Bobby says, “If we don’t do the right thing here, it shows up on us. We get top dollar for our calves because we take care of them. We are honest about what we do. You are getting the best quality product that you can buy any where in the world right now.” 

We love watching farmers and ranchers pass down the tradition to their families. 

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