Montana ranchers featured in ‘Life of a Farmer’ video series

· October 28, 2020

Nashville recording artist Stephanie Nash introduces Jenny and Turk Stovall from Billings, Montana, as part of her “Time Changes: The Life of a Farmer” video series. The Stovall family has been ranching in the Montana area since 1864 and has never shied away from a hard day’s work.

Jenny Stovall said she has three pieces of advice. The first is perseverance. During the good and bad times, perseverance will get you through. Secondly, your word is your livelihood. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Finally, Jenny says that they ranch on faith. “All of our families here are dedicated people. They work very hard on everything that we do,” Stovall said. 

Nash, a fourth-generation farmer, is using her video series to travel across the country and hear the stories and struggles of American agriculture.

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