Myles Power: The great Non-GMO Project verification swindle

· March 1, 2019

Did you ever wonder why products with the Non-GMO Project label don’t say “contains zero GMOs” or “GMO-free”?

Myles Power explains.

According to the Non-GMO Project’s own project standards, a product can include up to 5 percent of genetically engineered ingredients and still have a Non-GMO Project Verified label slapped on the side of it. Call me crazy, but surely the amount of GMOs allowed in a product with a label that says “Non-GMO Project Verified” should be zero! The fact that there is an allowance means that Non-GMO Project verified doesn’t mean non-GMO!

The Non-GMO Project Verification is a scam, in my opinion. It’s predatory marketing disguised as a grassroots movement relying on, and amplifying, the ignorance of its own consumers. It survives by distorting science and promoting a false narrative that GMOs pose a real health risk. The company ignores the scientific consensus on GMOs, opting instead to promote fantasies from people who, if they had their own way, a large chunk of the world’s population would be wiped off the face of the planet and autistic children would be getting bleach enemas from cultists.

The fact that the label doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is GMO-free is as deceptive as putting a “does not contain human” label on Soylent Green. The label is meaningless, and is just a way to scare consumers into paying a premium!

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