Nematodes: May not see with naked eye, but they’re naughty

· August 3, 2017

Have you spotted some damage out in the fields and not sure what caused it? It could be plant parasitic nematodes.

Nematodes infect the roots of the plant, taking away its nutrients and water from the inside. Yet, despite how abundant they are, most of the microscopic roundworms are undetectable by the human eye.

We caught up with Kelli Brown, U.S. Seed Applied Solutions Marketing Manager, at the Ag PhD Field Day as she shows us the little buggers up close and how NemaStrike Technology defends crops from the start. Part of Monsanto’s Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions, NemaStrike stays in the root zone where nematodes attack and provides broad-spectrum control and consistent yield protection performance in corn, soybeans, and cotton.

A win, win, win for growers!

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