Making America Laugh Again

Making America Laugh Again! Smile and make someone else smile! We think this is a good start. We wrote this song about Amercians Toilet Paper problem.

Posted by The Moron Brothers - Bluegrass on Friday, March 20, 2020

Moron Brothers’ bluegrass hit covers the ‘toilet paper problem’

· March 27, 2020

Need a lift to your spirits? Check out this amazing new hit from the Bluegrass band, The Moron Brothers. As confusing — and unnecessary — as the toilet paper shortage is, it has allowed for a hilarious opportunity for The Moron Brothers to bring a smile to our faces. During the days of this pandemic it is important to remember that sometimes laughter is the best medicine. This hit, Make America Laugh Again, has truly done just that! Even though the underlying issue is serious, it is still okay to enjoy the lighter things in life. 

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