New plant-based diet slams the meat industry

· December 5, 2018

Truly, this is making our heads spin. First off, if the idea of the NowThis Food video was to educate about plant-based diet, it did nothing of the sorts. The whole video was only a slam at the meat industry — and doctors for that matter (and it just makes a rap music legend look silly).

Secondly, per the Veterinary Feed Directive, growth-promoting antibiotics started phasing out in 2012 and haven’t been allowed since 2017. In addition, he line about 21 different drugs — where is he getting that information from? Another inaccuracy is his description of cattle slaughter, that it does not correlate with the Humane Slaughter Act that everyone must abide by. The agriculture industry has made great strides and many technological advances with assistance from Dr. Temple Grandin

This video does show the misunderstandings of the agriculture industry and that there is still so much work to be done to better communicate what we do on a daily bases. We do agree on one point: Learn more, study more, and educate others. 

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