Non-GMO Project label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free of genetic engineering

· November 5, 2018

Non-GMO Project labeling is at the height of its popularity, with thousands of brands labeling somewhere in the vicinity of 43,000 individual products. And while this label is lucrative as a business practice for people at various points in the supply chain, it continues to be plagued by scrutiny from the scientific community

But what concerns many people isn’t even the vague definition of “GMOs” or the activist claims made on the Project’s website — it’s that, under it’s own definition, there are GMOs in many of products slapped with the Non-GMO Project’s label. It makes good financial sense for the Project to allow such things, and as a business, it makes the ledgers look a whole lot prettier in the long run.

Nick Saik from KNOW IDEAS MEDIA delves into this, and shows how this could lead to an interesting labeling juxtaposition.

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