Ohio missing out on bumper corn crop

· August 26, 2016

When the August WASDE report started talking about record yields, excitement was being generated in many parts of the country. With Ohio, however, starting to feel a lot like 2012, the may get stuck on the outside looking in.

Recent data and a report from The Toledo Blade are pointing to improvements in corn and soybean yields in Ohio when compared with last year, when the state suffered heavy flooding that decimated some crops. However, this year, the opposite problem is rearing its head — drought is cutting into the potential to match the yields that states such as Iowa and Nebraska are likely to enjoy this fall.

Ohio was last hit with major drought conditions in 2012.

Such high forecasted yields aren’t perfect for all farmers — corn farmers are likely going to earn less per bushel, under $3 per bushel in some areas. Livestock farmers, on the other hand, will reap benefits from a drop in feed costs.

For Ohio, it’s definitely starting to feel a lot more like 2012.

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