How one female farmer makes it in a ‘man’s industry’

· June 21, 2021

For female farmers, they have long been told the agriculture industry is a “man’s industry” — it takes hard work, strength, and grit to be successful in this lifestyle. However, female farmers and ranchers are proving that they can not only make it in this industry, but thrive here. One of those thriving farmers is Alex Templeton from northwest Missouri.

After graduation college, Templeton returned to life on the ranch and started to her own journey by modernizing the family business, according to the new Off-Road Livin’ series. In addition to interest in land management, bowhunting, cattle, and crops, Templeton is exploring the benefits of having an online presence. Through Instagram, Templeton has been able to connect with new consumers and advocate for her lifestyle. 

“She likes to show that women can do this kind of stuff, and if anybody can do it, it’s her,” said Kim Templeton, Alex’s mother.

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