Farmers use heat from fire to save orchard from freezing

· May 13, 2020

A lot of people say that farmers and ranchers are the most resilient folks they know, but how did they get that title? By going the extra mile in every situation and never giving up. For example, this video highlights the efforts farmers will go through to save a crop. When Mother Nature threatened the livelihood of Greentree Orchard with freezing temperatures in Michigan, farmers went the extra mile by using heat from a fire to save the crop.

According to the video,”Some of the methods used throughout the night to combat the below freezing temperatures consists of running high powered fans to mix warm air into the orchards, dispersing 55 degree water through intricate sprinkler systems, and burning wood and hay piles to release intense waves of heat. The methods farmers execute to save the crop from whittling away are crucial and time sensitive. Without them, we wouldn’t have fruit available at our local grocery stores.” 

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