Paul Quinn college farms the football field

· October 27, 2016

When Paul Quinn College, a private, historically African American school, landed in a financial and academic crisis in the early 2000s, the college president decided to ‘grow’ income for the school. The college, located on 146 acres south of Dallas, Texas, cut the school’s football program and started a farm to reduce athletic expenditures, provide students with real-world work experience, and generate revenue for the school.

PBS NewsHour  recently reported on the farm and how it has helped students pay for tuition and feed the local community. All Paul Quinn students work 150 hours on the farm to fulfill their work tuition, raising 20,000 pounds of organic vegetables every year that go to high-end restaurants and the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. The college also donates 10 percent of its produce to residents in need in the surrounding community, an area of Dallas with few grocery stores and limited access to fresh food.

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