PETA Wants You To Stop Using These Phrases

PETA wants you to stop saying ‘bring home the bacon’ and ‘beat a dead horse’

Posted by NowThis Food on Monday, December 3, 2018

PETA is ‘beating a dead horse’ with their new campaign

· December 4, 2018

Well, the folks at PETA are at it again. After trying this at the superbowl, they are now trying to remove common phrases from the English language, arguing that they are “violent.” According to NowThis, they see phrases such as “bringing home the bacon,” “beating a dead horse,” and other phrases that aren’t vegan-friendly, unacceptable. We get it, you hate everything that has to do with humans and animals interacting. But is this going too far — censoring our language? The answer is: Yes. 

They want “bringing home the bacon” to be extinct and replaced with “bringing home the bagels.” As much as I love a good bagel, two can play this games. One Facebook user wrote, “As a diabetic, I’m offended with bringing home the bagels. That’s encouraging high blood sugar levels.” Is PETA promoting diabetes with their new phrases? 

They would like to change phrases like “be the guinea pig,” to “be the test tube.” They blame the classroom for incorporating this type of language into our every day life. I don’t know about anyone else, but I knew these phrases long before I went to school. Last time I checked, these phrases never gave anyone the idea to actually beat a horse or skin a cat. PETA — leave it alone. Don’t you have enough to worry about? Like trying to address your “open secret” of stealing and killing perfectly healthy dogs? Yeah, I thought so. 

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