Peterson Farm Bros.: A message to struggling farmers

· May 31, 2019

You certainly know the Peterson Farm Bros. from their amazing and funny parody videos, which they’ve been making since 2012. But the trio have also long been involved in educating folks about farming and doing such things as bringing awareness to the 811 “Call Before Ya Dig” program.

Greg Peterson, the eldest brother, is keeping things serious and very real in this video. It’s apparent that there are difficulties for families in farming all around this nation and across many sectors in ag. Greg has a message: “If you or a farmer you know struggle with volatile weather and markets, equipment breakdowns, mental and physical health, rising costs, low profit margins, pressure to expand, government regulations, employee and family relations, or succession planning” there is the possibility to get help and to know that these difficulties don’t have to define you.”

He notes that the Legacy Farmer Academy can help in resolving some of your toughest issues.

Watch the video to find out more.

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