Peterson Farm Bros. release 12th parody video: ‘Forage Harvester’

· September 6, 2017

YouTube’s princes of parody, the Peterson Farm Brothers, turn up the heat with this epic Skillet “Monster” parody called “Forage Harvester.”

Greg, Nathan, and Kendal filmed this video over the Labor Day weekend, and they’ve been champing at the bit to showcase it.

“It’s got a roaring heart/ It’s teeth are razor sharp/ There’s no escape for all the different plants it wants to chop.”

And did you realize that the Petersons have made 11 parody videos prior to this one, along with a host of other informational and entertainment vids? Here’s the whole list of the parodies, along with links to watch them.

1. I’m Farming and I Grow It

2. Farmer Style

3. A Fresh Breath of Farm Air

4. Bale

5. Chore

6. All I Do is Farm

7. I’m So Farmer

8. Taking Care of Livestock

9. Farmers Feed the World

10. Our Farm Song

11. Residue

12. Forage Harvester

Be sure to check them out!

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