Peterson Farm Bros. celebrate fall with ‘Farming and Football’

· October 8, 2016

Wonder what could make college game day better? How about a new song and music video from the Peterson Farm Bros.? This one is unique because it’s a Petersons original, a bit of a change compared with what we’re used to from these princes of farm parody.

The Kansas farmers and YouTube sensations released “Farming and Football” this morning, and it’s every bit as awesome as their other hits. (In fact, “Our Farm Song,” a tune they released in August that parodied “Cake by the Ocean,” “Stressed Out,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and “Fight Song,” is hovering just shy of 250,000 YouTube views at the moment.) Greg, Nathan, and Kendal Peterson (and their sister, Laura) have done it right once again.

If you want a taste of “Farming and Football” before you listen to it, here’s just one line: “I bounce through the field like a fullback, taking a pounding. Placing the seeds in the soil, call that intentional grounding.”

For more on these guys, check them out on YouTube or on Facebook and hear all of their hits.

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