Plant 2022 is happening one acre at a time

· April 1, 2022

Texas Farm Bureau highlighted the new planting season with a video showcasing one Texas family. Father and son Chris and Zac Goodwin, talk about the skyrocketing costs, the process of planting corn, and following the farm family tradition. 

Zac said what many farmers are thinking this planting season, “It’s been tough and it’s kind of a little leery to plant this corn for the cost to put it in. But you just have to push forward, hope for the best, and farm the ground right. And pray for rain.” 

No matter the uncertain times, farmers continue to do what they love because the world needs their products. Chris says, “My motto when I started years ago — it’s on my business card — is it says, ‘I am feeding the world, one acre at a time.’ It goes back to everybody has to have a farmer, three times a day, everyday of their life. That is why I do it.”

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