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Hear my story of how the idea of PumpTrakr came about and dealing with all the frustration's with irrigating my crop, this intuitive app limits issues and communication errors. Problems like, "Hey did Joe fill the tank on field 80c?" or, "Did John switch run's from west to east on the lost 40? Even the "Man I cant remember what hole size to punch on this poly pipe going south and how many tee's or elbows that I needed there." Or you can even keep some notes per pump with the part numbers of the oil filter's or fan belts, for when one shows up on the app from someone logging it needed those things they can be picked up to save those trips to parts stores. Even the fuel vendors for propane and diesel can have access to your headquaters if you feel to share with them so they can easily go straight to your wells that need fuel with the google map function they can drive straight to them with no issues of "hey where was that well on Schrader south"? All of this at the palm of your hand and with anyone you give permission to utilize. If this sounds like your operation, your not alone because this is exactly where we was last year at this time looking for an easier way to keep track of all these things. If this is how you feel and would like to utilize this very easy to use app please go to our website to learn more about pricing and tutorial videos on this complete irrigation management tool. www.pumptrakr.com

Posted by PumpTrakr on Monday, August 19, 2019

PumpTrakr is taking irrigation management to the next level

· August 23, 2019

The summer months can be the most hectic for farmers. With planting wrapping up and harvest about to start, farmers also have to keep up with their irrigation management. Every farmer knows there is more than just flipping a switch and letting the pumps run for 12 hours. There is so much time and detail that goes into every field. Have you ever thought, “I wish there was an app for that?” Now there is: PumpTrakr! 

PumpTrakr founder, Nathan Holmes, explains the frustrations of irrigation management they were having year after year on his farm. Finally, he got tired of asking the same questions over and over again. He decided to take it into his own hands and create PumpTrakr to ease the management on his farm. 

The best part of the new app is you can give anyone permission to view the information, from hired hands to the fuel vendors, no more miscommunication. 

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