Meat, beer, humor, and one epic farmer giveaway

· November 8, 2021

“Let’s be real, if you are cutting the fat off your steak and not eating it, you are probably eating fake meat.”

Leave it up to farmers and comedy personalities to make one epic video. If you don’t already know, You Betcha is a “Midwest entertainment channel that loves Busch Light, ranch, and all things Midwest.” You Betcha and Iowa Farm Bureau has teamed up to give away an ultimate prize in celebration of real meat.

To enter, you must answer three questions about real meat and the farmers who provide it. You could win $500 in real meat, a top-of-the-line Traeger Grill, and a year’s supply of Busch Light (with ingredients courtesy of farmers) — plus some great Busch Light swag.

Anyone over the age of 21 can enter by December 12, 2021. Read the full list of contest rules here.

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