Robot tractors, Legos, and a future career in agricultural technology

· January 11, 2019

Integrating autonomy into farming will have a massive impact on the labor required to grow our food. This couldn’t come at a better time, because agriculture is struggling to find new talent. It’s interesting that autonomous farming implements like DOT help solve Ag’s labor problem in two different ways: Not only does DOT automatically do the jobs there aren’t enough people to accomplish, it also entices tech minded people to consider a career in ag.

People such as Luke Silinski, the young man featured in this week’s KNOW IDEAS MEDIA video.

Luke was captivated by the DOT autonomous platform. So much so, that he endeavored to build a version out of Lego. Incorporating Lego’s motor and autonomous control system called ED3, Luke has made a working model of the DOT platform that he can program in much the same way as the real thing.

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