Sanderson Farms is not Old MacGimmick’s Farm

· August 1, 2017

If you recall last August, Sanderson Farms made the bold decision to launch a consumer education campaign focused on revealing prevalent falsehoods and half-truths within poultry marketing. The company is back …. this time with “Old MacGimmick’s Farm.”

“At Sanderson Farms, we have made it our responsibility to shine a light on misleading marketing tactics and labeling,” said Joe F. Sanderson, Jr., CEO and chairman of the board for Sanderson Farms. “Rather than acquiescing to trending scare tactics and socially driven paranoia, Sanderson Farms has chosen to address the issues using hard science. While there may have been an easier route to take, we have chosen to continue this course of action for the benefit of our customers.”

Although the original campaign has faced some pressure from competitors, activist groups, and the media, the general public has shown great support and appreciation for the company’s transparent and honest approach.

“Most Americans have simply lost touch with the farm and how agriculture operates, allowing misinformation to run rampant about where our food really comes from,” said Hilary Burroughs, Director of Marketing for Sanderson Farms. “We decided to use a myth-busting approach to the campaign as a means of dispelling some of the most common misconceptions around antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and animal welfare issues.”

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