Sentera UAV captures data from virtually any angle

· October 28, 2016

The Sentera UAV, Omni Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a game changer. Partnered with a gimbaled Sentera Double 4K Sensor — the Omni is the first UAV to provide data capture from virtually any angle — up, down, and all around.

Users can collect precise data from obscure angles as the Omni + Double 4K Sensor package simultaneously captures macro and micro data and provides the user with true distortion-free imagery. The dual zoom levels allow users to review a wide-angle field of view and audit a structure, then instantly see 12MP of detail with the narrow-angle lens. For agriculture applications, operators simultaneously capture high-resolution color, NIR, and normalized difference vegetation index data – providing growers with precise crop-health imagery.




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