Slideshow of Quincey Cattle Company in Chiefland, Florida

· September 10, 2018

Hope Surles, a 16-year-old agvocate, has been visiting farms as part of the Florida Farms & Ranches Beef Tour. Here is a slideshow and her description of her visit to Quincey Cattle Company in Chiefland, Florida:

Don Quincey is the owner at Quincey Cattle Company, founded in 1992, in Chiefland, Florida. He operates 1,500 acres of owned and leased land, including a secondary feedyard, Southern Cross, in Obrien. His love for the land and raising quality cattle, stems back to his early fathers cow-calf operation and farm and feed store, Chiefland Farm Supply.

Quincey Cattle has a diversified operation — they started out backgrounding calves for producers and this still makes up a large portion of their business. In 2013, Quincey started a feedyard, where they feed and care for animals until harvest. Quincey is a founding member of the Florida Cattle Ranchers, where they are part of providing a local beef product to the state. Quincey Cattle works with local farmers on producing commodities to feed local consumers (corn, sorghum, hay, etc.). Beef cattle production is not Quincey’s only livelihood, but the farm’s true life’s calling. Quote on quote, “We live and breath the EAT BEEF mission every day, because beef is our business.”


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