Why Smirnoff’s non-GMO marketing rubs so many folks the wrong way

· December 3, 2018

This has been a hot topic the past several weeks in agricultural and science circles: Smirnoff’s “woke” statement of going non-GMO.

Know Ideas Media notes: “Obviously the logic of claiming a group 1 carcinogen is in any way ‘better’ because it doesn’t contain GMO is fuzzy. What you may not know is that this little labeling trick is 100 percent offside with Smirnoff’s regulator, the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.”

The reaction to this move has also been noteworthy. A couple of farmers from Kansas who also own a liquor store made headlines by boycotting Smirnoff products in their store.

Nick Saik says, “Special thanks to Allison and Cole Nondorf for letting me cover them in the video. A&C Liquid Assets is their liquor store, and it’s near Hoxie Kansas. If you’re ever in the area, swing by to grab a cold one, and say hello!”

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