Does Starbucks CEO really believe what he’s saying? Or is he making a play to the “woke” environmental crowd that is actually asleep when it comes to real environmental stewardship?

Posted by TDF Honest Farming on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

TDF Honest Farming questions Starbucks CEO’s dairy cutbacks

· January 22, 2020

How do you upset animal activists and dairy farmers all in one week? It takes a lot of effort, but Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has already accomplished just that. Johnson announced that in an effort to become more “sustainable,” Starbucks is encouraging consumers to drink plain coffee or an espresso and to consider use of alternative milks to reduce dairy consumption, thereby claiming to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Derrick Josi with TDF Honest Farming opened up about Starbucks’ new plan and tried to set the record straight. Josi said, “My girls are not destroying the environment. None of agriculture is destroying the environment.” 

However, not only did the CEO upset the dairy industry, but also PETA activists. They are calling for a “peaceful protest” in Virginia today to urge the company to dump its surcharge for dairy-free milk (the same alternatives they are pushing).

Josi leaves us with great advice at the end — support your local coffee shop and continue to enjoy the cream in your coffee. 

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