Stock photos often get agriculture wrong. Let’s fix that!

· April 29, 2019

Going well beyond the popular concept image of a syringe in a tomato, we see many many stock images that are completely wrong about agriculture. This could mean referencing Limousins as dairy cows or suggesting lettuce crops are sprayed with glyphosate — by hand by hazmat-suit-wearing farmers, no less. The problem is definitely one of education, and it’s likely that the journalists who select these photos simply don’t know any better. They’re so far removed from agriculture (I’ve seen that disconnected first-hand in many newsrooms) that they don’t know what modern agriculture looks like. 

Other times, correct images simply aren’t available through stock websites like Pixabay, Shutterstock, or Getty.

For that reason, KNOW IDEAS MEDIA and Biology Fortified have hatched a plan to fix one the agriculture industry’s image problem.

The solution? Flooding the internet with positive and accurate photos of Agriculture! Let’s put photos exactly where the media will find them. Let’s make it impossible for them to accidentally use a bad image by providing them with better images. This way, if a particular outlet chooses to use faulty images, we know they’re doing it on purpose.

Watch the video and visit this link to learn how.

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