Tractor driver helps to end dangerous police chase

· April 19, 2021

You never know what they day has in store for you — just ask Buzz Palmer. Palmer thought he would be working on his garden when in reality, he helped police put an end to a dangerous chase in North Carolina. Using his Kabota tractor, Palmer bumped the tractor into high gear and parked across the driveway to block the car from getting past him. Although the vehicle was able to get around the tractor, it ended up in a pond seconds later, putting an end to the dangerous chase. 

Palmer said, “I was gonna T-bone him. I put it in high gear, got my RPMs up, and turned facing that way to block this, where he wasn’t coming through.” Palmer continued, “He needed to be taken off the road. I had equipment, which was my tractor, and I had opportunity since he was coming at me. So, it was that simple. If everybody stood up and did what they had to do, life would be a lot easier. Sometimes you just gotta step in.”

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