Shift Drinks: PETA Menu

Do you think it's frustrating to deal with vegan diets, or go out with a vegan? At least they're not asking for a PETA menu.

Posted by Bitchy Waiter on Monday, September 2, 2019

Parody: Trying to accommodate a PETA diet

· October 21, 2019

That poor server! This satire video is sure to give you a chuckle. This video hilariously depicts a PETA activist trying to order food at a restaurant. Like everything they do, they have to be extreme and intrusive. Sadly, the demands of this customer are actual demands from PETA’s extreme beliefs and lifestyle suggestions. 

Everything from anti-animal language to killing pets, PETA’s extreme beliefs have long been a controversial topic. Just when you think they can’t get any crazier, they take it one step further. Nothing quite like capturing the irony of setting the fish “free,” by killing it. 

Folks involved in agriculture know the organization doesn’t have the animal’s best interest in mind. However, not everyone knows the truth behind PETA. This video does a great job of revealing that truth through satire. 

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