TV star has fun re-examining the phrase ‘When pigs fly’

· September 13, 2021

Most of us have probably heart the phrase “When pigs fly” — commonly a reference to something so outlandish that it’s never actually going to happen. Well, celebrity Eric Stonestreet, a former pig farmer and longtime star of the hilarious ABC TV show Modern Family, suggests that maybe poking the ultra-modern hog industry with this kind of phrase isn’t really best. Stonestreet pulls out his trusty Rural Dictionary and delivers a re-examination of how the phrase could be used.

As he states right off the bat, it really should be used for “something that’s already happening!” Maybe pigs aren’t flying, per se, but the amazing world of technology that’s being implemented on pig farms (not to mention all across modern agriculture) is showing that data, climate controls, feeding, and so much more are advancing by leaps and bounds in this industry. 

Twenty-five years ago, who would have thought that robots would be so integral to dairy farms or that we’d have powerful computers that we carry around in our back pockets. Who knows, before long, we might even see pig fly 🙂

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