Walk-through of LaCrosse Footwear’s AeroHead Sport boot

· May 7, 2020

Longtime fans of LaCrosse Footwear will know just how comfortable and durable many of the bootmaker’s offerings are. I’ve had the Alpha Range boots for nearly four years, and they are go-to boots when things get sloppy. But I had a chance recently to get my hands on the AeroHead Sport boot, which incorporates LaCrosse’s Aeroform Shell technology — something I hadn’t really gotten to feel and see up close before.

The video details the key features of the AeroHead Sport, a boot that’ll be functional both on the farm and in the woods on a hunt. They’re among the lightest-feeling heavyweight boots around, and that’s partly because of how they are seamlessly styled inside, how thin the shell is while still keeping your feet warm and dry, and how well they move with your feet. They’re good for snow and mud, from a low of negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit to a high of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out the video, and learn more about the AeroHead line of boots on LaCrosse’s website here.

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