Watch how one YouTuber made this giant pencil with corn

· December 23, 2020

It is never a question of if, but how. It wasn’t a question if they could create a giant pencil made with corn, but how they could create a giant pencil made with corn. YouTuber Nick Uhas took on the task of how to make a giant pencil and he used corn to create the writing component of the pencil. 

“So here’s how we made our charcoal. In honor of agricultural science and the Bayer 4-H Council we used corn to start with. We then put the corn into paint cans with a vent hole at the top. After that we put the cans in a regular open face fire pit. As the cans heat up with low access to oxygen the vent up top allows the corn to off-gas. This lets water, methane, hydrogen and tar out of the corn and leaves behind charcoal which is close to pure carbon.”

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