Our Wyoming Life explores why beef-origin labeling is causing so many problems

· October 29, 2019

More than ever, consumers are paying attention to their food and its origins. If you want to know where that mango came from, all you have to do is to look at the label. But when it comes to beef, it’s much harder to tell — especially for consumers who want to purchase meat that was raised and butchered in the U.S., says Mike Galloway, who 10 years ago left the corporate world of radio to run his stepfather’s cattle ranch in Western Wyoming. You may well know him as one of the creators of the popular Our Wyoming Life YouTube channel. 

He says it’s time to restore labeling laws that were watered down in 2015, making it easier for foreign beef exporters to pass their beef off as “made in the U.S.A.” Galloway says, “There is a place for imported beef in the U.S., import-export and trade is important to our economy. All I ask is that we stop misleading the American people, that we stop blaming American cattle producers for environmental disasters when foreign lobbyists and their policies are causing countries to destroy the rain forest to supply us with what they call ‘USA Produced Beef.'”

His YouTube video on this topic is currently hovering around 200,000 views. It’s worth watching!

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