xProxy Vibe allows farmers to monitor pump motors from afar

· December 7, 2016

No reason to go check if the pump motor went out … the xProxy Vibe will notify you via text, email, or phone. Net Irrigate, an Internet of Things (IoT) agriculture technology manufacturer, launched the xProxy Vibe, the first completely wireless monitoring solution that saves users time and money by alerting them to system failures.

The latest addition to the xProxy brand, the monitor allows equipment operators to affordably connect existing pump motors to the cloud without any wiring.

“What is most impressive about the xProxy Vibe is its simple set up,” said Ralph Mercier, a farm operator and Valley dealer in St. Anne, Illinois. “I just slap it on and then receive real-time alerts when my motor shuts down. There is nothing else out there like this. Setup literally takes a few seconds.”

The palm-sized, portable xProxy Vibe can be magnetically mounted to electric motors and diesel engines commonly used in pumping applications. Because the device is completely wireless, it is highly portable; users can easily move it and use it on different pieces of equipment without engaging an electrician or service professional. It triggers a text message, voice call or email to multiple recipients when it senses an absence of vibration, meaning function has stopped. Data is transmitted via an embedded cellular module, and devices do not require battery recharging.

For more information, about the xProxy Vibe visit the Net Irrigate site.

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