Your first look at the ‘Before The Plate’ documentary trailer · January 26, 2018

What if we could take an everyday urbanite on the journey of their food? What if they understood what it took to get the everyday products we all enjoy to grocery store shelves? Would consumers habits change and would they better understand the impacts of their decisions on our food system? That has been our goal with the creation of the “Before The Plate” documentary.

We are taking one plate of food from Canoe, a world famous restaurant in Toronto, and following each of those ingredients back to the farms they came from. Our goal is to give context to many of the discussions we have every day about the agricultural system and what factors are at play. Is our food safe? How do we make sure we are being as friendly to the environment as possible? We are going on the journey of food to help consumers better understand how their food is brought to them. The only difference is, unlike many documentaries we are playing to the artistic side of food and incorporating cooking and culture into the story by having head chef John Horne come on the journey with us. Canoe sits 54 floors above the city of Toronto and is one of the country’s most iconic dining spots.

One plate. Ten ingredients. Eight farms. We cover everything along the way to go on a journey like no other.


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