YouTube honors farmer who uses video to share her life in ag

· August 27, 2020

Tara Beaver with Beaver Vineyards started her social media channel as a way to reach her friends and family, but found so much more through her journey. In addition to talking about her life on the farm, Beaver has also been able to open up about her mental health journey. After noticing a rise in the popularity of farm interest on YouTube, the video sharing platform decided to highlight some “FarmTubers,” or farm-influencers.

“Connecting with other farmers through social media — it just opened up this whole new world. Another thing I really love about our community, everyone is welcoming,” Beaver said.  

The phenomenom they call FarmTube has increased in popularity. According to YouTube, “As of October 2019, monthly uploads of farming-related videos increased 61% compared to the same time period a year prior. Monthly views of farming-related videos kept pace with that growth, increasing over 69% in the same timeframe.”

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