Monsanto gains weather insight with Understory collaboration

· March 23, 2018

Understory, the weather network, edge computing, and machine learning company has announced an international expansion and strategic collaboration with Monsanto. Monsanto’s use of Understory’s weather network is providing on-the-ground insights into localized weather in Argentina to drive growers’ decisions and optimize high value operations. “Understory provides the only technology necessary to make hyper-local weather valuable […]

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Farmer Derek submerges himself in an icy water tank

· January 16, 2018

You think you’re cold — Farmer Derek Klingenberg takes it to a whole ‘nother level!  While opening his Farmers Edge swag pack, one of the shirts sports the phrase “Smart farming is ______.” Derek’s daughter “helpfully” chimes in with “swimming,” and here you have it.

NAWG: Wheat growers at mercy of Mother Nature & Farm Bill

· January 5, 2018

Recent extreme winter conditions in major wheat-producing states re-affirm the need for a 2018 Farm Bill and strong federal crop insurance program. According to Radiant Solutions, a data collection and analysis company based in Herndon, Virginia, “solid snow cover in the northern Plains and Midwest gave wheat fields enough protection from the bitter cold conditions, […]

Northeast farmers get more growing season, battle heavy rains

· December 18, 2017

Farmers in the Northeast are adapting to longer growing seasons, but they may face spring-planting whiplash as they confront fields increasingly saturated with rain, according to a research paper published in the journal Climatic Change. “Climate change can easily intensify agricultural susceptibility, but also presents fresh, surprising opportunities,” said David Wolfe, professor of plant and […]

Putting equipment to bed for winter? Firestone says check tires

· November 30, 2017

Winter equipment maintenance season is upon us and that means checking your tires. Inflation pressure is especially important to monitor as a 10 degree drop in temp can reduce pressure by 1- 2 PSI. We had the opportunity to visit with Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering for Firestone Ag at the National […]

New temperature inversion tool helps assess dicamba drift risk

· November 21, 2017

Kansas State University has a new tool to help farmers assess when temperature inversions occur in their region — information that can be very useful in assessing the risk for dicamba drift. The EPA listed temperature inversion as a factor that contributes to the unintentional spread of dicamba into areas that weren’t targeted. Temperature inversion […]

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Montana fires: Here’s what the nation hasn’t seen

· September 6, 2017

While our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and in the path of Hurricane Irma, we must not forget about our ag community up north. As of August 31, the state of Montana has fought 1,589 fires, scorching more than 759,000 acres. Many Montana ranchers are facing long-term livestock challenges amid the […]

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