Mowrystown FFA Chapter goes above & beyond for its community


Mowrystown is a small rural town in Southeast Ohio. While you may not be able to find it on most maps, it’s definitely a place of community and love. And while it’s small, it’s an unforgettable place. It’s also home to my FFA chapter — Mowrystown FFA.

The Mowrystown FFA chapter — which is currently made up of 84 students in Whiteoak High School — was founded in 1836. The year is now 2020, and we have a lot to be proud of. Mowrystown FFA has had state champions, national finalists, state officers, National Chapters Awards, Top Ten Chapter Awards, and much more. Our current FFA Advisor is Brian DeAtley and has been teaching at Whiteoak High School for 21 years. DeAtely has had a state qualifying soils judging team for 21 straight years!

2019 State Qualifying Urban Soils Team

Throughout the years, Mowrystown FFA has completed lots of community service projects. One such project unique to our chapter would be the Day of Giving. This day, hosted by our FFA chapter, happens at Whiteoak High School on the last day before Christmas break. All students, whether they are in FFA or not, and faculty members spend the school day completing community service projects.

This year, projects included goody bags for the veterans home, tie blankets for the children’s hospital, diaper cakes for the Highland County Pregnancy Center, care bags for the local elderly and homebound, chew toys and blankets for the Highland County Humane Society, Christmas cards, and food boxes for anyone in need. All of these projects were completed throughout the day and collected before school let out. In the following days, these items were delivered to their destinations.

Another chapter favorite is the Antique Machinery Show. This event is held in June at Whiteoak High School. People of the community bring their tractors and antique farm equipment to the front of the school for the public to view and ask questions about. Inside the school, toy tractors and farm toys are sold by vendors along with a concession stand run by Mowrystown FFA members. FFA members also sold homemade ice cream that they prepared.

Later in the day, a tractor parade through Mowrystown is held. All the tractors parked in front of the school take a drive through the center of Mowrystown for everyone to enjoy. After the parade, we hold what’s called a Farm Feast. Pulled pork that has been cooked by Mowrystown FFA Alumni members is served along with several side dishes. Finally, there is an auction held to raise money for our chapter. The day is one to grow the chapter, be in the community, and have fellowship with other members and the community.

Mowrystown FFA helps its community in multiple ways. There is a yearly park cleanup. We also help with the setup of the Tractor Toy Show, hold Thanksgiving Dinner for the public, and assist with the local food pantry. Mowrystown FFA tries to serve its community as much as possible and enjoys doing so. The FFA motto is “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.” This motto that shows through in Mowrystown FFA.

While we may be small, I believe Mowrystown FFA to be one of the best chapters in Ohio. This is proven through our respect and hard work. We serve ourselves, we serve each other, and most importantly we serve others. Mowrystown FFA is in all ways a model chapter, has been for years, and will continue to be.

Mowrystown FFA is my FFA chapter.


Chandra Hill is the reporter for Mowrystown FFA in Ohio.

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