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Documentary ‘Mr Besley’s Forest’ centers on conservation pioneer

· November 27, 2020

Conservation filmmaker Cheryle Franceschi had been part of her local curriculum council for many years. Yet during meetings, she didn’t see things related to natural resource conservation. Forestry was rarely brought up for discussion. This led to the creation of a documentary about Maryland’s first state forester, “Mr. Besley’s Forest,” in which viewers are introduced […]

Detroit artists reimagine iconic American barns

· November 25, 2020

Rural America has one classic symbol no matter where you live — the iconic barn. Although they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, they can still be seen throughout rural America, just barely still standing. One group of artist in Michigan set out to change the current trajectory of those barns by giving […]

Watch 5:56 harvest

Peterson Farm Bros: Things farmers say during harvest

· November 23, 2020

While each farmer is unique in their own way, there are also common traits among these hard workers. Among those commonalities include harvest time and the experiences they go through. During harvest, you know something is going to break down, the grain cart driver will get blamed for everything, the combine driver will curse the […]

Watch 9:35 peanut grower

Peanut grower explains growing and harvesting process

· November 6, 2020

From the Tailgate takes us on a journey and “digs up” all the important facts about growing and harvesting peanuts. Although common in the south, peanuts cannot be grown in every climate or type of soil — which makes them quite the unique crop. Follow peanut grower Lee Lewis as he explains why he decided […]

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