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Western Growers debuts ‘Real Farmers Care’ for Thanksgiving

· November 22, 2022

Western Growers is debuting a documentary short video online for Thanksgiving that demonstrates the care California farmers put into growing the food that will be consumed this holiday season. Farmers care deeply about consumers, their families, workers, and the land.  “Real farmers care about you, the consumer — your health, your safety, the quality and […]

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‘Range Reels’ promotes public lands grazing with Sims Ranch

· September 15, 2022

At their recent annual meeting, the Public Lands Council debuted a cooperative video project series called Range Reels in partnership with the American Sheep Industry Association, and the National Grazing Lands Coalition. The series serves to promote the benefits of public lands ranching to the iconic, Western open spaces. The first video of the series features […]

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Viral crop artist creates ‘living billboard’ for ESN

· September 15, 2022

ESN Smart Nitrogen commissioned artist Stan Herd to create a one-of-a-kind living billboard in an Iowa cornfield. Over a period of eight weeks, Herd created a crop art installation featuring ESN’s signature E.S. Nitrogen “granule guy” in a Boone, Iowa, grower’s field using corn grown with ESN fertilizer. Herd went viral over the summer with his […]

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