Watch 34:00 cole the cornstar

The big question: How much money do farmers make?

· February 10, 2020

This 22-year-old YouTuber from Iowa delves into a question that many people outside of agriculture often ask: How much money does a farmer make? The public sees us with acres upon acres of land, along with machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So yeah, there could be a perception that farmers are rolling […]

Watch 2:28 cancer

Cowboy battling cancer gets one last visit with his beloved horse

· February 3, 2020

There is a lot that can be said about a cowboy and his horse, especially the love and friendship they share. After a hard fought battle with cancer, Kansas native Kevin Adkins passed away from cancer. However, his last request was to be able to say goodbye to his favorite horse. Adkins’ daughter, Delaney, saw […]

Watch 3:12 good

Why farmers want to do good and feed everybody

· January 21, 2020

On this week’s episode, Growing America shows us just like those old expressions, rural America is filled with the unique and the wonderful. It’s also filled with folks that put food on everyone’s table. For most farmers and ranchers, we only want the best for our families and our consumers. Lukas Fricke exemplifies what U.S. Secretary […]

Watch 2:22

Cattle’s ability to up-cycle protein is a wonder to behold

· January 13, 2020

When Trent Loos speaks about ag, lots of people do well to listen. And here, the popular sixth-generation farmer talks about cattle’s amazing ability to up-cycle protein — and how, deep down, humans are striving to be as efficient as a cow when it comes to our global footprint. “A ruminant animal takes that corn [which […]

Watch 8:38

The 50-year career of custom saddle maker Lee Mecham

· January 10, 2020

Lee Mecham is a cowboy, a cattleman, a saddle maker, and a man full of experience and stories. V6 Media sat down for an afternoon in his shop to hear about his 50-year career as a custom saddle maker, his thoughts on what a “real cowboy” is, and some of the lessons he has learned […]

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