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True ‘horsepower’ pulls UPS truck out of snow

· April 9, 2021

For many of us, the pure power of a horse can leave us speechless. Unless you work with these powerful creatures on the daily, you many not realize the strength that they hold — let alone a team of horses. In this video, Working Horses With Jim shows us exactly how strong his working horses […]

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8th-generation farmer shares her passion for agriculture

· March 31, 2021

Nashville recording artist Stephanie Nash introduces eighth-generation farmer Grayce Emmick from Lewisport, Kentucky. This is the eighth episode of Nash’s agricultural video series, called Time Changes: The Life of a Farmer. In this series, Nash highlights the modern American farmer and tells their story.  Emmick said she knew from a young age that she wanted to […]

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Here’s how a corn planter works

· March 17, 2021

Indiana farmer Brian Scott has been making videos and sharing his farm story on social media under the name The Farmer’s Life for many many years. And sometimes, it feels good to freshen things up. Which is exactly what he did with one of his early videos.  “I did a video like this about a […]

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A look at one of the largest onion farms in the world

· February 26, 2021

The man behind the ShayFarmKid YouTube channel already has a sizeable following across other platforms, but for the launch of his channel here, he goes inside his family’s sizable onion business. “I’ll show you the behind-the-scenes. You’ll see how your food is really grown, packed, marketed, shipped, and consumed all around the globe. This includes […]

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Peterson Farm Bros & their cows dance in the Git Up Challenge

· February 19, 2021

In this fun video, the Peterson Farm Brothers caught their cows participating in the Git Up Challenge. Granted some of their moo-ves look a bit rehearsed, but they still nail the choreography. In addition to the cows, two of the brothers jump in on the fun and bust a moo-ve with their wives.  On their […]

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