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Cattle’s ability to up-cycle protein is a wonder to behold

· January 13, 2020

When Trent Loos speaks about ag, lots of people do well to listen. And here, the popular sixth-generation farmer talks about cattle’s amazing ability to up-cycle protein — and how, deep down, humans are striving to be as efficient as a cow when it comes to our global footprint. “A ruminant animal takes that corn [which […]

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The 50-year career of custom saddle maker Lee Mecham

· January 10, 2020

Lee Mecham is a cowboy, a cattleman, a saddle maker, and a man full of experience and stories. V6 Media sat down for an afternoon in his shop to hear about his 50-year career as a custom saddle maker, his thoughts on what a “real cowboy” is, and some of the lessons he has learned […]

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Farmer Derek has Christmas fun with baby-calf laser tag

· December 24, 2019

Lasers, sensors, circuit boards — what kind of Christmas is this for these baby calves? Well, it’s a Farmer Derek kind of Christmas. He uses all this tech to go for a special rendition of “Carol of the Bells,” which you’ll have to see to understand how it all works!

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How about a splash of color for your Christmas tree?

· December 19, 2019

Tired of a regular ol’ green Christmas tree? Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey has some ideas on how to fix that. The farm sells trees that are painted with a colorful latex-based solution, one made especially for Christmas trees. So now, people can buy trees in red, white, blue, pink, or purple. Just a […]

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The joy of growing up on a Christmas tree farm

· December 19, 2019

The Goodenough family has been growing and selling Christmas trees for over 40 years, and daughter Kaitlin now works to help manage the operation and be front-and-center during this busy time of year. Not only are Christmas trees an amazingly sustainable agricultural commodity, Kaitlin says she also loves the family experience of getting to cut […]

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