Watch 2:45 dekalb-clint-bowyer

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer discusses his roots around farmers

· August 3, 2020

The DEKALB corn brand’s new campaign, called “Winning Has Roots,” is kicking off at the Michigan NASCAR double-header race Aug. 8 and 9. DEKALB’s sponsored NASCAR driver, Clint Bowyer, is helping to launch this campaign and will be driving a #WinningHasRoots DEKALB car design, featuring the well-known winged ear of corn, on the track. Bowyer […]

Watch 1:40 derek kids driving tractor

Farmer Derek teaches his kids to drive a tractor

· July 24, 2020

So, at what age is a good time to teach your kids how to drive a tractor? I imagine that a lot of us were behind the wheel of a vehicle of some sort long before we had that a real driver’s license in hand. Farmer Derek has gotten creative in letting the little ones […]

Watch 7:18 derek dirty job

Farmer Derek tackles one of a farm’s dirtiest jobs

· July 17, 2020

Farmer Derek Klingenberg calls it the pit. At the bottom of his grain bin, it’s the bugs and the smell and so much else that makes this a particularly unpleasant part of being a grain farmer. He sums it up with “Ewie-pewie.”  Some of it is reminiscent of an abandon building, with the tool pieces […]

Watch 6:23 derek cows selfie

Farmer Derek calls in his cattle for a selfie

· July 8, 2020

Farmer Derek Klingenberg breaks out the megaphone and ladder to round up some of his cattle for a big group selfie. We know how hard it is to herd big groups together for a picture — we can only imagine doing so with animals. We haven’t looked closely, but hopefully none of them blinked 🙂

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