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Potash: Adequate potassium vital for yields during drought

· July 20, 2017

With proper nutrient management, growers can combat drought effects on yields. In this video from Potash eKonomics, Dr. Paul Fixen, Director of Research at the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), examines a long-term study at Ohio State that demonstrated how elevated potassium levels relieved crop stress and improved yields even during a drought.

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New Hampshire: Now home to where the buffalo roam

· July 19, 2017

This driver might have taken a double take, but this scene from Gilford, New Hampshire is just what it looks like — a herd of buffalo was on the loose Tuesday. Twenty-five bison escaped from Bolduc Farm Tuesday afternoon, forcing the closure of two roads and lots of spotlight in social media. On Facebook, the […]

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More than 30K mink released from Minnesota farm

· July 19, 2017

The Stearns County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office is working with state and federal authorities to track down the individual who released more than 30,000 mink from a Central Minnesota farm. According to WCCO, Dan Lang believes his farm was targeted, with fence being taken down in three different areas and under the cover of darkness to […]

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In case there’s any question how well you can train a horse …

· July 18, 2017

So perhaps this is an atypical way to showcase a horse, but when a potential buyer wanted to know if Pumba gets spooked around plastic bags, this demonstration was set up to prove just how bombproof this animal is. As Brookby Heights International joked on its Facebook page: “No horses, roosters or people of Papakura were […]

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Dancing farmer busts a move to Shawn Mendes

· July 17, 2017

Wonder what Jay Lavery, aka the Dancing Farmer, has been up to since his viral video shaking it to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills?” Well he’s still dancing. This time the New York farmer tries his hand at Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothin Holdin me Back.” The Dancing Farm has dance music in the barn for all of […]

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Iowa bull not at all concerned about spare tire

· July 17, 2017

#ICYMI last week Weeping Fox Ranch in Hartley, Iowa posted this viral video of an 11-month-old purebred Hereford bull darning some new attire — a tire. The woman narrating the video said: “Don’t know how he did it, and I don’t know how it’s coming off. Hopefully, the guys can figure it out, cause I’m […]

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Friday Favorites: Top five AGDAILY stories July 7- 14

· July 14, 2017

The top five AGDAILY stories of the week … did you follow the action? This week we feature an inspiring young Vermont farmer, firefighter, and FFA’er; Before the Plate gives us a sneak peak of their film; and the Farm Babe proves you can’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t miss a moment at […]

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Tribute to American Cowgirl Katie Fairfield

· July 12, 2017

Photographer and watercolor painter Gabriel Krekk has spent years using art to celebrate the American Cowgirl. In the past year, he has done half a dozen tribute videos to cowgirls. In his most recent, he showcases the photoshoots that covered two and half years across three States with American Cowgirl Katie Fairfield of North Dakota.

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