Watch 5:54 Olympics

How one farmer prepares for the Olympics on his farm

· June 18, 2021

With the Olympics coming up next month and qualifying rounds happening now, many Olympic fans are getting excited to once again celebrate the athletes and their hard work. Even though the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were rescheduled for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many athletes never stopped training. The same goes for one […]

Watch 3:43 wheat harvest

The beauty of wheat harvest in Kansas

· June 16, 2021

Wheat harvest for 2021 has officially commenced. While there is beauty in all things on the farm, harvest time has a special place in our hearts. In a special video about harvest time on the farm, Morgan Treaster paired this film with a poem by Shelbie Fitch that every producer can relate to.  “Harvest is […]

Watch 2:56 YouTube

YouTube highlights Millennial Farmer & his FarmTube journey

· June 15, 2021

For many years, we have enjoyed watching Zach Johnson, also known as the Millennial Farmer on YouTube. However, we are not the only ones, with over 783,000 subscribers and multiple videos with over millions of views, he has really made an impact on the agriculture community. He does a great job being honest and explaining […]

Watch 3:55 vertical farming

How one dairy farmer utilizes vertical farming for his operation

· June 4, 2021

Fourth-generation dairy farmer Brad Bateman has a little over 7,000 dairy cows and farms corn and alfalfa on 3,200 acres in Utah. On his farm, he has incorporated vertical farming in an effort to feed his dairy cows more sustainably.  “Every mouthful that that cow takes is a total balance diet. It is fresh, it […]

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