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Peterson Farm Bros. explain why ranchers separate calves and cows

· December 13, 2019

Everyone knows the Peterson Farm Brothers from their amazing and popular parody videos (“Crazy Grain” is their newest addition to this collection), but the trio also dedicate a large portion of their YouTube channel to educational video. The vlogs posted there touch on topics such as winter grazing, milo harvesting, double crops, and sunflower farming.  […]

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Virginia farmer butts heads with NRCS over land usage

· December 10, 2019

Charles Hood, a Virginia farmer, has been fighting for years to farm his own land because of what he claims is unfair treatment by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. He bought 30 acres of land close to where he grew peanuts, corn, cotton, and soybeans — and the whole thing has turned into a bureaucratic mess. […]

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Farmer Derek is back with his feed robot for Cow Twitch

· December 2, 2019

Farmer Derek Klingenberg and his team of young robotics enthusiasts gather to feed the cows once again — but here, they’re on the multi-user platform Twitch, which allows them all to easily communicate and work together. Derek brings his trademark energy to it, and it’s entertaining to see this technology come together on Derek’s farm.

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Kids feed Farmer Derek’s cows with a robot from their home

· November 18, 2019

Bringing a little real-life action to what feels like the game “Farming Simulator,” Farmer Derek Klingenberg put nine kids in charge of DJI robots on his Kansas farm. Their task was to get Derek’s cows fed — all from the comfort of home.  See how well the FarmBot works with the Feed-a-nator (yeah, you’ll have […]

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