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‘March Madness’ — Peterson Farm Brothers style

· April 2, 2020

Even though this year’s March Madness was canceled, the Peterson Farm Brothers are stepping up to fill that void. Granted, the trio might not be starting for K-State any time soon, but you can still watch them set up their farm for trick shots, some 3-on-3 play, a dunk contest, and one “Shining Moment.” And […]

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Farmers give their blood, sweat, & tears for their livelihood

· March 20, 2020

While the news cycle has been overwhelming the past few weeks, we are reminded how amazing the American farmer is. Many of us have memories of growing up on the farm and the lessons we learned there, we will never forget.  Growing America said, “Some of the best memories of growing up on the farm are […]

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John Deere tractor carries farmer to his final resting place

· March 11, 2020

Jerry Berry had one final wish upon his passing — that a John Deere tractor would carry his casket and remains to their burial site in Highland County, Ohio. When another farmer volunteered his tractor for the duty, Berry’s wish was granted. Berry died at age 68, and his grandson, Cody Shepherd, posted this video […]

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