7 great online fundraisers to help your FFA chapter


2020 is no typical year — anyone who is working from home, teaching online, or wearing a face mask while in the show ring could tell you that. With a unique year comes unique challenges. For many FFA advisors and teachers, they have already tackled one of the biggest challenges of this school year — starting their 2020 teaching career. No matter if this is their 30th year of teaching or their second, everyone is in the same boat and will feel like their first year of teaching all over again. 

During this pandemic, we are restricted on how we can gather in most areas. With limited gatherings brings limited options for your FFA chapter to fundraise. However, that does not mean you give up. There are still many options that can be altered or new options to throw in the mix. 

The options below are perfect for FFA chapters whose school districts are utilizing hybrid learning or just looking for more resources to fundraise in 2020 — and beyond. FFA chapters are also looking to reduce contact between students and customers as well as payments that can be processed online due to our country’s current coin shortage. Check out these online fundraisers to help your chapter this season.

  1. BloomBloom has made a huge commitment to FFA to give back 80% (70% to local chapters/ 10% to grants) of all fundraising profits when chapters sell the FFA Travel and Savings Cards. With their CEO growing up on a farm, this program was designed to help give back as much as possible to support our future leaders. In conjunction with FFA, Bloom has developed an annual national campaign with a primary objective of funding local chapters and state grants.  Their goal is to raise additional FFA scholarships while generating thousands of dollars at the local chapter level during the Chapter Challenge Campaign. Sell FFA Travel & Savings Cards for $20 each and keep $14 profit per card sold. The Bloom FFA Card is sent straight into a supporters inbox.
  2. FFA Cookie Dough – Sellcookiedoug.com is a great opportunity for FFA chapters because it has no minimum order, and the community will go crazy for the FFA branded tubs. At $20 a tub and your chapter receiving $7/tub, it is worth your time and effort.
  3. Florida Fruit Association — Who doesn’t love a good fruit fundraiser? Florida Fruit Association suggests fall is the perfect time to start fundraising. Each carton of fruit should yield you a profit of $8 to $10.  
  4. Dutch Mill Bulbs — If you are interested in expanding your curbside appeal, check out Dutch Mill Bulbs. The Fall Fundraising Program consists of fall planting/spring blooming flower bulb items. Product availability is guaranteed from September 15th through December 1st. As an organization, you’ll earn a minimum of 50 percent profit selling affordable products. They even ship straight to customers through their online ordering option so you can reduce contact between both parties. 
  5. Pee Jays — Pee Jays, a fresh-fruit company, offers their online ordering service to reach a wider customer base. The average profit margin is 40 percent and the average profit per box is between $5 and $14. With the largest selection of fruit and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, you can’t go wrong. 
  6. 4 Seasons Fundraising — 4 Seasons Fund Raising has been providing quality fundraising items to school and community organizations in Iowa and the upper Midwest since 1970. While offering fruits, cheeses, chocolates, cookie dough, and more, 4 Seasons Fundraising has also moved online in order to support more organizations during this unique year.
  7. Rada CutleryRada Cutlery has been in business since 1948. With a 40 percent profit and 100 percent American made, these knives make a great fundraiser. Rada also delivers directly to the online consumer to cut back on contact as while still offering their catalog fundraiser option.

No matter what fundraising event you decide to put on, be sure it is well organized and make sure it is a FUN-draiser. If you are trying something new this year — which is common for most chapters — just ask for a little bit of grace. 

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