Quarantine is the perfect time to reflect on why you joined FFA


During times of hardship — as we are in now — it is always nice to take time and reflect on the good times. FFA members are handling a lot during this pandemic. Everything from canceled CDEs, LDEs, SAEs, State Conventions, and school closures, there are a lot of changes for these young students, but yet they stay strong and innovative. 

A great way to get through these tough times is to focus on the good memories. It is fun to think back to the beginning and recall why you joined FFA. This can be done for current members or alumni. Why did you join FFA — was it just a few years ago? Or have you held on to your memories for years now and been able to reflect on the past?  

Leadership skills 

The first response from many FFA members is the leadership skills and opportunities FFA provides. Students are provided leadership opportunities at the local, state, and national level. The National FFA Organization is a leadership organization that provides the next generation of leaders who will change the world.

Lifelong friendships / meet new people

Many students were in search of friendship when they joined FFA. Like many organizations,FFA provides students the opportunity to meet new people with universal passions — to propel the organization and industry forward. The friends you meet in FFA will become your FFAmily and you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Anytime you see the corduroy jacket, you know you have something in common with that person.


In addition to leadership opportunities, FFA is a wonderful organization that creates opportunities for many different scholarships. Being a part of the National FFA Organization looks good on a scholarship application, especially to anyone who understands the pillars of the National FFA Organization, the grit it takes to be a part of the organization, and the skills that result from being an active member.

Community Service 

“Living to Serve” — it is right there in the motto. Anyone who signs up for FFA knows community service and service learning projects are a big part of the organization. Not only do you get to help the members of your community, but you get to make fun memories with your friends when you volunteer in your community. 

Hands on work with plants and animals

A major draw to joining FFA includes discovering member’s talent through hands-on experiences. FFA members have such a big advantage over their peers when it comes to hands-on experiences. Between the types of courses and their SAE’s, FFA students learn by doing everyday. Also, what other program lets you get your hands dirty during school hours? 


When students join the National FFA Organization, they should know how much of it is being a part of a team — that is what creates the family aspect of the organization. Without teamwork, students would not learn how to play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. FFA is all about being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Personal Growth

Every student has a different personal growth story due to their involvement in FFA. Everything from responsibility to integrity, increased confidence to get out of their comfort zone, improved communication, and so much more, FFA helps students develop and find their purpose. So many students have found their voice and their passion through the National FFA Organization.

Career development

The common misconception about FFA is that it is only for farmers. While students may choose the agricultural field, there is so much more that FFA provides.. FFA encourages students to check out career fields they may have never thought about. Members could be future chemists, veterinarians, government officials, entrepreneurs, bankers, international business leaders, teachers and premier professionals in many career fields. No matter what career path they follow, FFA members will always have the knowledge of where things come from. 

While we take this time to reflect on the good times, it is important to remember that everyone has their own journey. Find a safe, healthy outlet to keep a normalcy in your life. During this pandemic it is important to check on your FFAmily! 

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