These are the FFA terms that every member knows


If an outsider walks into any FFA event, they are more than likely going to hear some phrases that are unfamiliar. Every chapter has their own unique examples, but there are some terms that are more universally acknowledged. Here are some phrases only an FFA member would know:

Tallywhacker noun
The pull of the zipper on an official FFA jacket
Ex: “Make sure to tuck in your tallywhacker!”

Purple verb
The action of males and females mixing in a manner deemed unsuitable to chapter advisors
Ex: “Girls are red, boys are blue. Don’t make purple!”

Pididdle interjection
An exclamation, as it refers to a road trip game where participants watch for cars with one headlight out; usually followed by hitting the bus or car roof with one hand
Ex: “Pididdle!”

Official adjective
Usually referring to official dress, this could mean a member is wearing official dress in an incorrect or inappropriate way
Ex: “That pin placement isn’t official.”

Parli Pro noun
The shorthand for Parliamentary Procedure; usually used in exasperation or annoyance
Ex: “Does anyone here know parli pro or do we need the handbook?”

Key noun
The highest pin an FFA member can achieve, the American Degree key; used to determine an alumni’s status
Ex: “Do you have your key?”

State/National Officers(s) noun(s)
Our elected leaders of the organization; usually energetic and a tad overly-friendly, but incredible at remembering names, faces, and obscure details about random members
Ex: “Even though it has been five years, Amy has remembered me since she was a state officer and I was a freshman.”

Sentinel noun
Stationed by the door, the watchman and gatekeeper of the organization; usually can be found sorting out the logistics for any event
Ex: “Elijah is our sentinel, so he would know where the tables and chairs are.”

Creed noun
The five-paragraph, six-sentence piece of prose that every greenhand has to know; the values which this great organization holds dear
Ex: “We all learned the Creed as freshmen, but as seniors, we are lucky to remember ‘I believe.’”

Member noun
More than a jacket or a number, the member is the life of the National FFA Organization; the person who gives meaning to the organization’s goals
Ex: “I am a member of the FFA.”


Jessy Woodworth is a senior at The Ohio State University studying agricultural communication and animal sciences.

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