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Nashville musician creates scholarship opportunity for FFA chapters


Stephanie Nash grew up on a dairy farm in California and is a fourth generation farmer who has always had a love for agriculture. After her family moved to Tennessee, Nash decided to follow her heart and become a musician in Nashville. While she is passionate about her career, she is also passionate about helping others in the agriculture industry. Nash created the Time Changes Scholarship to help FFA chapters all across the country.

The Time Changes Scholarship is named after Stephanie Nash’s newest single: “Time Changes.” The song, which Nash wrote after hearing that California’s bullet train was taking land away from farmers without paying them, explains the struggles that farmers deal with every day due to an evolving society that doesn’t always appreciate agriculture.

To spread awareness of the good the ag industry does, Nash partnered with the National FFA Organization to provide an opportunity for members to continue their positive outreach. 

How to enroll your chapter in the Time Changes Scholarship: 

  1. Students can visit the Stephanie Nash website for full details on how to enroll. 
  2. After visiting the website, students should gather with their chapter to make a video of why their chapter deserves the scholarship. However, due to the uncertain times we are currently living in, Nash realizes that group meetings may be hard to accomplish. You can also have one person make a video on behalf of the whole chapter. 
  3. In your video include: Why you love agriculture, what you are doing in your community, and why the scholarship would be good for your chapter. The video has to be only one to two minutes long, discussing why your chapter deserves this scholarship and what you could do with the extra money. 
  4. Have your advisor submit the completed video. Be sure to include your schools name, state, and advisor contact information. Your advisor can send the video to stephanienashmusic@yahoo.com

After you submit your own video, don’t forget to listen, watch, and share Nash’s song “Time Changes.” Every time the #FFATimeChanges hashtag is shared, you and your chapter will be entered for an extra chance to win the scholarship. 

Although the scholarship was originally set to end last week, Nash decided to extend the deadline to allow chapters more time to enter. Many chapters are just now gathering for meetings due to the unique year. The new deadline for the video to be submitted is December 1st

Although Nash wasn’t able to participate in FFA during her high school career since it wasn’t offered, that hasn’t stopped her from helping the organization. The idea for the scholarship came when Nash was listening to a friend in California who was struggling to get funding for something as simple as shears for her chapter. Nash wants to encourage communities to rally around their FFA chapter. Nash believes that through FFA, students are able to receive hands-on experience, find out what hard work is, and learn more about the agriculture industry — and beyond. 

She reiterates her passion for agriculture and wanting to be a voice for this industry. Nash tells FFA members to have pride for the industry, even if those around you don’t. Nash recalls growing up and people would question her involvement in ag, but she just knew she loved what she was doing. Nash says, “Don’t be ashamed to be in agriculture. It may not be the cleanest or prettiest job, no, but it is a fulfilling job. The people in this community are the most trustful, faithful people you will ever meet. If you love it, go for it! People in the agricultural industry are a huge family.”

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