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Farmer’s Daughter: Meet these lovable farm dogs from around the nation (and Canada)


As regular readers of mine know, I’m a big fan of farm dogs. Dogs are such a fun and joyful addition to any family, and dogs make life on the farm even better. I’ve already written about our farm dog, Mischa, and wanted to get to know a few more farm dogs! So, I asked some of my favorite agriculture bloggers to tell me about their own farm dogs and have created a collection here.


Lola, Ohio

Lola is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever that mostly enjoys farm life because she’s allowed to get dirty! Lola has adopted her farm kids as her own and spends most of her time following them around in partaking in their adventures. Over the summer poor Lola tore the ACLs in both her knees. Even though they were busy with their dairy cows, Lola was lovingly rehabbed back to health by her family for eight weeks! You can find out more about Lola and her farm family at Of Kids and Cows.


Zoey, Washington

Zoey is an almost 5-year-old farm dog that was adopted by her dairy farm family from the local rescue. Lucky for her because she loves life on the farm, including chores! She sleeps in the barn with the cows, is very protective of the calves, and walks with her farmer dad to the barn every morning for milking. Her quirk? She’s not a big fan of cats and prefers mousing herself. You can find Zoey’s family through her mom’s blog, The Farmer’s Wifee.


Jack-Jack, Kansas

Jack-Jack is a Border Collie enjoying life with his farm family in Kansas. His parents saw him advertised in the local newspaper, and he was delivered via semi-truck! When he was little, he had a little mishap with an electric fence. He jumped to catch a frisbee and his delicate parts hit the lower electric line on the fence. Let’s just say he’s a lot more careful about going near the fence these days! You can follow Jack-Jack’s family at Burgess Hill Farms.


Kihei, Alberta, Canada

Kihei is a Siberian Husky that was purchased by her parents, Sarah and Jay, back in 2008. While she might not seem like the typical farm dog, she absolutely loves life on the farm! Before she had human siblings, Kihei enjoyed riding in the combine with Jay. These days she spends her time on the farm keeping the farmers company and hunting in the pastures and coulees. Unfortunately, Kihei still hasn’t figured out that porcupine encounters will not be a good experience, but she’s persistent and keeps trying to be friends anyway. You can follow her and her farm family at Nurse Loves Farmer.


Reba & Dolly, Missouri

Reba and Dolly are an unlikely pair but are an inseparable duo and enjoy farm life. Reba, who is more like a mom to Dolly, is a pretty hopeless watchdog, more likely to help than deter any would-be robbers. Nonetheless, she managed to save her human sister’s dog when it got cornered by a couple of mangy coyotes one night. Both dogs managed to get away without a scratch! Dolly, who has her own Twitter handle, loves life on the farm, even if she’s a little less naturally inclined toward helping on it. You can find both pups by following mom Cami on her Facebook page.


Signe, Iowa

Signe, who will soon be 1 year old, is a Great Pyrnese so she was bred for the farm life! She’s got a soft spot for her family’s dairy cows, even sleeping with them at night and doing rounds to check on them. She also keeps a close and watchful eye on her little human boys. Signe has claimed the first stall in the barn as hers, and she’s enjoying life on her family’s dairy farm. You can get to know Signe and her family on Instagram.


Minnie, Kentucky

Minnie’s farm mom found her in August of 2010 at the Kentucky State Fair. She was getting ready to graduate college and take a job far away from home, and Minnie seemed liked the perfect companion for the new adventure. Minnie loves water! She has a tendency to run around to get as hot as possible and then jump in so she can roll around in the grass. A little strange, but her farm mom says it’s super cute! You can follow Minnie and her farm family at A Modern Milk Maid.


Dena, Minnesota

Dena is a 1-year-old chocolate lab living on her family’s farm in Minnesota. It actually took a little bit of convincing by her farmer mom to get her farmer dad on board to adopt her. It had been quite a while since the family had a dog, and he thought it was easier without one. However, once the two of them met, it was a match made in heaven! Farmer dad is so happy to have a farm dog again, and Dena enjoys being on the farm. Her favorite activity is chasing squirrels and cooling off in the river. You can follow farmer mom on Instagram.


Cocoa, Michigan

Cocoa is 8 months old and her farm mom describes her as CRAZY! She loves the farm because it has all that room to run and roam around! Her farm brother loves to snuggle and roll around in the grass with her. Cocoa can get a little excited about meeting new people. One day she was so excited that she took off running and ran into a tree! Oops. Follow Cocoa and her farm family at A Little House on the Farm and on Facebook.

I would love to hear about the special dog in your life, too!


Amanda Zaluckyj blogs under the name The Farmer’s Daughter USA. Her goal is to promote farmers and tackle the misinformation swirling around the U.S. food industry.

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