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5 YouTube channels perfect for farmers


Do you know that if you search for “ag” on YouTube, what you get isn’t a wonderfully in-depth look at agriculture. Nope, you get pages and pages of results for American Girl dolls.

If you search for “agriculture,” you wind up with technology-heavy results and compilation videos. The word “farming” gets you some more relevant results, but it’s still a lot to sort through.

It can be difficult to know where to look to find YouTube content that’s helpful, interesting, or just plain fun. Hopefully, we can help.

The five channels below are some of the most popular and well-received agriculture-related sources on YouTube. If you don’t subscribe to them yet, you should! From the insightful to the humorous, these five channels have you covered.



These pop-and-crop sensations have owned the farm parody space since their first music video launched four years ago. That one was “I’m Farming and I Grow It” (a clever take on LMFAO’s “I”m Sexy and I Know It”). If you’re not familiar with that parody or its original, then perhaps you’re more generationally suited to “Takin’ Care of Livestock” (a play off of BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business”). The three brothers — Greg, Nathan, and Kendal — along with their sister, Laura, go well beyond parody songs on their YouTube channel. They also show what real farm life is like by loading hay bales, seeding winter wheat, and showcasing a “Life of a Farmer” series. Their family farm is in Assaria, Kansas, and they live by the mantra of “Faith. Family. Farming.”



As the operator of his family’s beef and crops business in Wisconsin, Ryan Kuster knows exactly how farms work — and for several years, he’s been willing to share that knowledge with his tens of thousands of followers. AGDAILY interviewed Kuster recently, and you can learn more about his back story here. The topics for each of his videos come directly from his experiences on his farm, and he now has roughly 380 videos posted, the first dating to 2012. Whether it’s selling steers, hauling hay, showing how grain elevators can explode, or teaching someone to drive a tractor, Kuster’s videos perfectly capture the daily ups and downs of farming.



Brothers Brian and Darren Hefty are on a mission to help farmers be better stewards of their land, and their YouTube channel, with literally hundreds of videos giving you a poignant and in-depth look at growing strategies and technologies is a must-watch for any farmer looking to improve. This channel contains 30-minute episodes of the Hefty Brothers’ show, as well as segments such as Farm Basics, Iron Talk, and the Weed of the Week. Their farm is based in Baltic, South Dakota, and their annual Field Day event draws thousands of people from across the country.



Have you ever seen someone have a tea party with cows or serenade cattle? No? Then Klingenberg has you covered. The 85 videos on his YouTube channel cover a variety of topics and go heavy on humor that helps gives some excitement to rural living. Klingenberg also enjoys song parodies much like the Petersons do, but he also spends time a fair amount of time giving you a bird’s-eye view of the fields from his drone. He says on his site: “This is where I raise grain, beef, kids, and creativity.” That sums it up nicely!



Farming is tough; so is raising a family on a farm. The owner of this channel married into the farming world and has thoroughly embraced what it has to offer. She talks about growing and harvesting tobacco, as well as delving into the many other aspects of life on a farm. And more than a few times, she gets the kids involved in the process!

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