Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Feb. 6, 2019


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Feb. 6. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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Sun’s out, buns out ☀️🍑 🍑☀️ * * Arya and Camila: catching some rays on their glorious feathered bustles 👗 #fatbottomgirls * * After wondering why I wasn’t finding any eggs 🥚 from either one of these lovely ladies, I finally figured it out: 🐖🐖😑 Pee Wee and Dottie have #noshameintheirgame when it comes to rooting around the hay for freshly laid eggs 🤦‍♀️ #farmerproblems * * Sharing my dynamic duo for Janice @rogerscreekfarm for this week’s #redwattlewednesday! Want to join in @theyounghomestead @the_red_barn_farm and @stella.guddart? Happy #humpday, friends! 🤗 * * * #hensdaywednesday #besties #backyardchickens #petchicken #backyardpoultry #mychickens #sunsoutbunsout #mypetchickenofficial #aruacana #mychickencoop #beachbodies #flockboss #hens #pullet #homestead #chickensofinstagram #iheartmyhens #farmsweetfarm #iamcountryside #smallfarm #homesteading #farmstead #backyardpoultrymag #newburyfarms

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The in Between, by Richelle Barrett Mom and Dad said, “Go out and experience something new”. So I left home, got my college degree, Spent all that time away, in between seeing the world and  Wishing to go back, To the way things used to be. But then I went back home, and nothing was the same; My eyes had been opened to a whole new world.  Trying to teach mom and dad something new is harder than I thought,  I was stuck between wondering if I made the right choice And running out and never coming back And wishing life wasn’t such a skating rink Then I got married, and my husband agreed That helping out at home, wouldn’t be so bad.  So we moved home for good, but we still had to work In town to make ends meet; caught between 40 hours there And another 40 with dad. Then the kids came along, and now I am a momma I relate better to the cows and the horses at home Than to most of the women at work;  But here I am, in between being a mother and a wife,  Wanting to help out home, and the one stuck in town, and I  begin to wonder how I am going to survive being all these people all of the time. It is hard to fit in at work, and even harder at home, Having babies takes me away from what I  really want to do Those horses that used to be my world Have taken the back seat; riding all day hurts worse than it used to I  forget how to run a gate, and lose my sense of direction, pulling the horse trailer has become a test I wonder if I have lost my mind, is this really best? The people at work, can’t understand Why I would give up your good- paying job, heat, and a/c To work with my parents and livestock for pennies “Girl, you must be crazy!” But they will never know, the smell of freshly cut hay Or see a baby calf stand and suckle They won’t appreciate the manure, the dirt, and the days spent branding, riding, shipping, and fencing They can’t feel the pride I take, in riding behind the herd, And the life we are giving our kids Ranch life is hard, there’s no place for wanting fortune or fame, No glory, just good times and bad, Up early to work late, in the heat and the cold,  The thunder, hail, snow, or rain …. continued in comments…

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Yesterdays weather was such a tease and a shock to the system! 🤪 I walked outside into the 55 degree weather and felt like a touched down on an island in Tahiti. We went from -6 last week to a high of 62 yesterday. Coat? I don’t need this coat? 🙅🏻‍♀️ And then in the car I’m like— I’m sweating. Is anyone else sweating? And my kids give me this look like 💁🏻‍♀️ ‘Mom, you are crazy..’ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yeah I probably am— but I can’t wait to get back to life outside (well, basically me yelling at the kids to stop fighting, get outside and don’t come back in until dinner…🙆🏻‍♀️) . . . . #childhoodunplugged #raisingthoserascals #lovelifeoutside #bedeeplyrooted #motherhoodsimplified #seeksimplicity #wildandbravelittles #raisinglittleladies #farmlife #agdaily #farmgirl #hessdairyfarm #agvocate #blggersgetsocial #onthefarm #holdthemoments #thesincereststoryteller #livethelittlethings

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I am Not living my dream life. When you are young you have this idea of what your perfect life looks like. What you will do for a job. How many kids you will have. Where will you live. Who you will marry. I am definitely not living my dream. I wanted to be an emergency room nurse in a huge city somewhere is California. I also wanted five kids and I wanted to make sure that my husband was not a business owner. Bwhahaha! Little me would have been appalled by how my life looks now. But while I still think that "dream" life sounds good…I am so thankful that dreams can change! What was your dream? Are you living it? : : : : #womeninag #womenwhofarm #iamamodernfarmer #farmlife #thisismylife #moderncattlewomen #agdaily #farmwife #holsteins #toungeouttuesday I want to play @seejessfarm @reb_hilby @newmexicomilkmaid !!!!

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