Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Jan. 24


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Jan. 24. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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It’s days like this past week where temperatures have hit -35 below that I am thankful we’ve upgraded our calf barns and put a priority on making sure every calf is dried off and has a jacket on. Calves born in such cold temperatures we make sure we give them a little extra attention to get them off to the best start possible. • • We feed each calf 2 gallons of colostrum (high in nutrients and immunoglobulins to boost their immune system) within 24 hours after birth. The colostrum is milked out of the mother into a drop bucket and fed to the calf from a bottle to make sure that the calf drinks enough to jumpstart them. They are fed colostrum for their first two feedings. After that they are transitioned onto our pasteurized milk. • • The calf jackets allow for the calf to use all her energy into growing big and strong and less focused on staying warm. We also make sure that each calf barn is bedded with extra straw that they can snuggle down into to stay warm. The openness of the barn allows for airflow and warmth from the sun but protects them from all the wind. • • Anyone recognize the plaid?! Our farm is branded all the way down to our famous #CabotPlaid jackets. We pride ourselves in producing high quality milk for our award winning cheese!

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Due to the freezing rain school was cancelled, thankful for the few minutes of extra sleep & having some extra hands to help me get everything ready for the new babies scheduled to come in today. Always fun when they get to spend the day in the nurseries with me! I learned that "feeders make cool chalkboards" 😄 (who knew?) And even got some sweet colored babies too! Not very often I get ones colored like her 😍 Then being taught by a 7 year old how to properly teach a group of pigs to sit and wait for a piece of his cracker….🤔 hmmm Ive learned not to underestimate him👍 #farmlife #snowday #agdaily #knowyourfarmer #weantofinish #raisethemright #thankful #agriculture #pigfarming #oink #pigs #happiness #farm #futurefarmer #farming #swine #michiganagriculture #nofarmsnofood #borninabarn #country #farmkids #carhartt #farming365

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